Break free from the Gravity
PION Project main visual for desktop
PION Project main visual for mobile phone
Photo courtesy NASA


PION is part of the grand vision of “Dimensionism 2.0 2.0” that continues the lineage of dimensional art into the new space age of the 21st century.
This large installation uses optical phenomena to allow viewers to experience a new way of perceiving dimension.

Humanity has discovered pure three-dimensional space in the universe surrounding our planet.
Out there, the distinctions between up and down, left and right, and back and front mean nothing. As we spend more and more time in that environment, we will develop a completely new physicality that is free of today's gravitational bias—a reality which has never been acquired by any organism before. PION offers us a tantalizing glimpse of that dizzying future.

Our team is excited to launch PION Sat into outer space.
By having it perform a variety of exercises in a gravity-less environment, I’d like to advance our understanding of dimensionality and enhance our metacognition capabilities.
Please imagine, you are going to be accessed into this Art Sat physically in your near future.

Yasuo Nomura

Artist portait
Photo by Naoki Fukuda

Yasuo Nomura is a conceptual artist based in New York, born in Shimane, Japan. He earned his BA in oil painting at Musashino Art University in 2004. In 2018, Nomura won a grant from the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs to stay in New York and has been living and working here since then. In 2021, He was offered a three-year production support grant from the Vilcek Foundation to develop his project-based work.

His work explores the physical and mathematical underpinnings of the natural world and our cosmos. In 2015, he undertook a residency program at the Kavli IPMU and had deeply inspired by superstring theory, the most advanced theory in modern physics. This experience led him to the concept of Dimensionism it intends to update perceptions by targeting "higher dimensions''.

Artist portait
Photo by Naoki Fukuda